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SpeedNet Contract

For an official copy of the contract, please contact Logan Telephone Cooperative at 270-542-4121 or 270-934-4121.

This Agreement is made by the individual or authorized person of the organization ("customer") identified below and Logan Telephone Cooperative ("company"). The company and customer agree to the following conditions concerning Digital Subscriber Line ("SpeedNet") service provided by the company to the customer.

  1. Customer agrees to Logan Telephone’s Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. If the customer elects to take Free Installation, the customer agrees to maintain SpeedNet service at their current location for the twelve-month period. Should the customer discontinue SpeedNet, have it moved to another location, or be disconnected due to nonpayment within the twelve (12) month period, the customer will be liable for and will be billed on their next statement an early termination fee (“ETF”). The ETF will be $75 during the first ten months of the contract and $25 during the last two months. If a new agreement is not executed when customer moves, the customer will be billed $185 for the new installation.
  3. Logan Telephone may offer a free modem to the customer under specific rules and conditions. If the customer elects to take a free modem, and is disconnected due to nonpayment or discontinues SpeedNet service within the first twelve (12) months of this agreement, the customer will be charged $75 for the modem on the next billing statement. Company will waive the modem charge if the SpeedNet service is moved to a new location and the service is kept there for the remaining term of the original contract.
  4. Free Installation entails SpeedNet setup at ONE computer at the customer’s location. Setup at any additional computer(s) will incur appropriate charges for time and material used by the installing personnel.
  5. Based upon network availability, SpeedNet is a "best efforts" service. The actual speed experienced by customers may vary and depend on several factors not limited to but including customer location, the destination on the Internet, traffic on the Internet, interference with a high frequency spectrum on the customer’s telephone line, and other devices that may be attached to the same cable pair. No minimum level of speed is guaranteed without a specific service agreement.
  6. The company is not responsible for any external intrusion to the customer’s network equipment. The customer is responsible for providing firewall protection in an effort to help prevent intrusions. Since this service is an “Always On” connection, it is the company’s recommendation that each customer has appropriate firewall protection on their equipment while subscribed to SpeedNet service.
  7. The company is not responsible for any personal computer or network malfunctions and/or damage to the customer’s hardware or software. Logan Telephone recommends the use of a surge suppressor with built-in phone line protection for all SpeedNet circuits. The SpeedNet modem is the property of the customer. Any damage to the modem is not the responsibility of Logan Telephone Cooperative.
  8. The company is providing SpeedNet service on a retail basis to the customer. The customer agrees to utilize the service exclusively and not to provide access to third parties either through “sharing” or “resale.”
  9. Webpage hosting and caching are services prohibited with your SpeedNet connection.
  10. Any evidence of customer breach of this agreement may lead to disconnection of the service at the sole discretion of company. The company may disconnect the service, at its sole discretion, if the company determines that any action of the customer is detrimental to the service provided to others or detrimental to the company’s network, or if the company is notified of any legal requirement to disconnect the service.