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Calling Features

Anonymous Call Rejection

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Lets you program your phone to not accept calls from callers who have intentionally blocked their ID. Such calls will be routed to a message stating that you will not accept their call until they remove their identification block.

Automatic Call Back

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Lets your phone continuously dial a number that is busy. When the line is clear, you will receive a distinctive ring letting you know that your important call can be placed.

Automatic Recall

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month *number only
(Commonly called *69) Since you can’t always reach the phone in time, this lets you dial the number of the last person who called you.

Call Forward on Busy

Residential - $3.00/month     Business - $3.00/month
This feature allows you to eliminate busy signals when you’re using the phone. It redirects incoming calls to a number you designate when your line is tied up, so your callers receive the attention they deserve even when you are occupied. Simply let us know where you want your calls forwarded when you’re on the phone.

Call Forwarding

Residential - $1.50/month     Business - $2.25/month
Allows you to forward all of your calls to any location. You don't have to sit at home and wait beside the phone!

Call Forwarding No Answer

Residential - $3.00/month     Business - $3.00/month
This feature forwards calls from the subscriber’s line to an alternative number only if they are not answered on the subscriber’s line.

Call Waiting

Residential - $1.50/month     Business - $2.25/month
Lets you receive a call even when you're already on the phone. A tone alerts you to the second call.

Call Waiting Deluxe

Residential - $3.00/month     Business - $4.50/month
Call waiting just got smarter! The “deluxe” version works with Caller ID to show you the name and number of the caller in waiting.

Caller ID

Residential - $4.50/month     Business - $7.50/month *name and number
A device hooked to your phone will display the name and number of the party calling, allowing you to decide whether or not to answer the call.

Caller ID Blocking (*67)

No Charge
(All customers have this feature.)
Caller ID Blocking prevents your phone number and name from appearing on someone’s caller ID display. You are responsible for blocking your number from being displayed on each individual call. This free service is necessary for those subscribers with non-published numbers who want their number to remain private.

Caller ID Suppression

Residential - $2.00/month     Business - $2.00/month
Prevents your name and telephone number from being displayed on someone’s caller ID on every call without having to dial *67 first.

Collect Call Blocking

No Charge
This feature is designed to prevent you from receiving collect calls. (All carriers do not follow our same guidelines so you may still receive some collect calls.)

Customer Originated Trace

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
($7.50 each police report)
Lets you trace harassing calls and, if you wish, prosecute the caller.

Long Distance PIC Freeze

No Charge
A feature designed to protect customers from being “slammed” or having their long distance carrier changed without their permission.

One Plus Per Call Restriction

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Forces anyone making a toll call to enter a pin number before the call will go through. Great for controlling long distance expenses, and it is much cheaper than all of those extra long distance calls you've been paying.

Selective Call Acceptance

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Lets you program a list of numbers that you will accept calls from, and all other calls will be rerouted to a message that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Selective Call Forwarding

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Allows you to choose which calls you have forwarded. All other calls will be handled normally.

Selective Call Rejection

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Lets you program a list of numbers that you will not accept calls from, and the calls on your list will be rerouted to a message that you are not accepting calls from that number. Great for preventing harassing calls.

Selective Distinctive Ringing

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
Lets you choose certain numbers that will have a distinctive ring. These may be numbers that you want to receive or ones that you don't. When you hear the distinctive ring, you'll know it's someone in a select group.

Speed Calling

Residential - $1.50/month     Business - $2.25/month
Allows you to call emergency or frequently dialed numbers by dialing only one or two numbers. A big time saver!

Teen Service

Residential - $3.00/month     Business - $4.50/month
Gives you a second phone number just for your teen, without having an extra phone line. The second phone number has a distinctive ring, so you'll know when the call is for your teenager.

Third Party Call Blocking

No Charge
This feature prevents someone from being able to make a third party call and charge it to you.

Three Way Calling

Residential - $1.50/month     Business - $2.25/month
Allows you to talk to two other parties, rather than just one. A nice feature for families who live apart, but would sometimes like to talk as a group. Also great for important business calls.

Three Way Calling with Transfer

Residential - $2.50/month     Business - $3.75/month
This feature takes Three Way Calling to a whole new level. You can transfer an incoming call to another telephone number and then hang up if you desire. This allows you to free up your phone line and continue on with business as usual.

Toll Denial

Residential $2.00/month     Business $3.75/month
Allows your telephone line to be programmed where long distance calls cannot originate from that line.

Voice Mail

Residential - $4.00/month     Business - $6.00/month
(Additional mailboxes can be obtained for an additional $2/month residential and $3/month business.)
Lets your callers leave messages for you if you are away from your phone or even if you are already on the phone.  You can retrieve your messages even when you are away from home.  There is no special equipment required.

Voice Mail Plus

Residential - $4.00/month     Business - $6.00/month
Allows your voice mail messages to also be sent to an email address.  Great for businesses with only one voice mailbox or for those that are away from home or the office a lot.  Also offers a feature where the caller can reach you at an alternate number by pressing zero.

800 Only Service

Residential - $2.00/month     Business - $3.75/per month
Places a block on your line so that only toll-free numbers may be called along with local numbers.

900 Blocking

No Charge
Keeps expensive 900 calls from being made from your phone line.

To sign up for any of these convenient calling features, contact us here.