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FiberNet Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber optic cable?
Fiber optic cable is a bundle of fiber optic threads made of pure glass each about the diameter of a human hair. Fiber optic cable uses light instead of electricity to carry a digital data signal. Therefore, it is able to transmit information at virtually unlimited speed and capacity (higher bandwidth)...At the speed of light!

Why is fiber preferred to copper or coaxial cable?
Optical fiber is unique because it can carry a high-bandwidth signal enormous distances. The longer the distance the signal travels on copper or coaxial cable, the lower the bandwidth. Fiber networks can also be upgraded by changing the electronics or using different lasers that increase the bandwidth without changing the fiber itself. That's why fiber networks are said to be "future proof".

How much will installing fiber to my home/business cost?
Nothing! This is a free upgrade to all members with access to our fiber network.

Is the upgrade required if I only have basic telephone service?
Yes. This is a necessary and required upgrade. Even if you only have basic phone service and do not have a computer, your home/business still needs to be converted to our fiber optic network. The old copper cable will no longer be maintained and will be retired once service is cut-over to the fiber optic cable.

Will getting fiber to my home/business disturb my yard/property?
Though we will be required to dig a trench across your yard to provide you with a fiber connection, our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. We will select contractors who will be responsible to promptly restore your property to a condition as close to original as possible.

Will fiber increase what I am charged for telephone or Internet service?
No. There are no changes to the charges for phone service. Internet customers will receive faster speeds for the same Internet package price.

Will fiber change the way my present communication services work?
No. However, if you're a high-speed Internet customer, your speeds will increase, and you will not need a modem as the equipment explained in the next question will take care of everything.

Will equipment be installed at my home/business? Will I need to be there during the installation?
Yes and Yes. The Network Interface Device (NID) you currently have on the outside of your home/business will be replaced with a slightly larger splice box. Also, a black Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that resembles a modem will be placed inside your home/business along with a GigaCenter and the UPS for the electronics. The UPS contains a battery back-up as well. We will need to enter your home/business to install these items.

What does the ONT do?
The ONT converts the optical signal from the fiber into a signal that is used for voice and data services in your home/business. The unit powering the ONT requires electricity so that is why the UPS contains a battery for back-up. Typically, the electronics only use about .001 kwh per month.

How long will the battery back-up last?
The UPS is expected to power your telephone service for 8 hours on standby during any power outage. Your Internet service will be disabled during a power outage unless you have a second power source like another UPS or generator.

Will I be responsible to maintain the UPS placed in my home/business?
No. Logan Telephone Cooperative will monitor your UPS and replace the battery, if and when it needs to be changed.

**IMPORTANT** - The ONT, GigaCenter, and UPS must be plugged in at all times in order for your telephone and broadband services to work and to keep batteries charged in order to keep your phone working during power outages.

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