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Dial-Up Troubleshooting FAQs

What are the phone numbers provided for Logan Telephone’s dial-up service?


How do I get to my dial-up connection properties?

Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.  Double-click Internet Options, then the Connections Tab at the top.

Do I need to use the area code with the dial-up number?

Yes.  The area code overlay of the 270/364 region effective February 2014 requires 10-digit dialing.  Permissive dialing will begin August 2013.  Please note though that you DO NOT need to dial the 1 before the area code as that will signal a long distance call and will be charged as such. There should be a dial-up number that is local for you to use. 

Why am I getting an “Invalid Username or Password” message when I try to connect?

Check your dial-up settings.  Make sure the CAPS LOCK key is not ON and retype your password.

Why does it say “No Dial Tone?”

  1. Try connecting your phone line to another phone jack and try dialing again.
  2. If your phone line goes through a surge protector, try connecting it directly from the computer to the phone jack.
  3. If the modem is still saying no dial tone, contact our Internet Technical Support at 270-542-7709 or 270-934-2202.  Your dial-up modem may be bad.

Why does my Internet connection disconnect after I receive my email?

In Outlook Express, click Tools, Options, and then the Connections Tab.  Remove the check from the box “Hang up after sending and receiving.”